As part of its continuous efforts and its study of local and global economic and social policies and their impact on women, Alnahda is keen to organize and participate in crucial initiatives that support and empower women. To shed more light on that, the organization convened, in conjunction with its leadership of the G20, its second webinar entitled (our work in advocacy).


The opening remarks was delivered by Mr. Rasha Alturki, Executive Director of Alnahda, followed by a speech by HRH Princess Moudi Bint Khalid, Board of Directors Chairman of Alnahda, where she addressed the rationale behind the organization’s goals and objectives.


After that, and on behalf of Dr. Thuraya Obaid W20 Chair, Ms. Salma Alrashid – Director of the Advocacy Program and W20 Sherpa provided an overview of Alnahda’s role as a leader of the Twenty Women Communication Group.


The meeting concluded with a virtual session attended by W20 supporters moderated by Ms. Salma Alrashid. The session was attended by: Mr. Amr Almubarak, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources in Aramco (who attended on behalf of Eng. Nabil Aldabal, Executive Director of Human Resources in Saudi Aramco), Ms. Khouloud Moussa, Partner and Head of the Inclusion and Diversity Program at KPMG Saudi Arabia, Mr. Sulaiman Alzughaibi, Executive Vice President, Institutional Services in the Industrial Fund, Mr. Thamer Youssef, Chief Operating Officer of the French Bank, and Ms. Sarah Abdul Hadi, Head of Investment and Treasury Department, at Gulf International Bank.


During the Q&A session, the role of the supporting organizations in empowering women and their presence as a leader in the labor market was discussed. Moreover, the speakers addressed the reasons why these organizations supported W20, as well as many other points that you can find on the link below: